St. Patrick’s Rangers, building a disaster resilient Jamaica, one youth at a time.

Mission Statement

St. Patrick’s Rangers is a non-governmental organization building the capacities of youth in vulnerable communities with disaster risk management skills to promote more resilient neighbourhoods.


i.    To be a model non-governmental organisation working in Disaster Risk Reduction Management and share best practices and success strategies with other NGOs and CBOs.
ii.    To promote and facilitate the development of youth led initiatives to make vulnerable communities more disaster resilient. 
iii.    Promoting community-based disaster preparedness by implementing and supporting activities that build community capacities to organize and address specific disaster risks.
iv.    Awareness raising and advocacy for protecting our environment and reducing hazards.
v.    Promoting and facilitating socio-economic development among the most vulnerable youth in the communities we serve.

Our Goals

i.    To improve governance and management, making SPR an effective and efficient organization.
ii.    To provide for the long-term financial stability of SPR.
iii.    To strengthen and broaden our DRRM Programs and increase our community reach.
iv.    To improve our visibility as a national resource and promote the programs of SPR.
v.    To develop a cadre of youths with the skills to make our communities more disaster resilient.
vi.    To improve the physical facilities in order to support the Programs of SPR.

Core Values

i.    Our employees and our volunteers are our key assets.
ii.    Our culture is built on empowering our youths and ultimately our communities.
iii.    We operate as the social bridge that brings communities together to mitigate against disasters.
iv.    St. Patrick’s Rangers Ltd has a passion for excellence, and teamwork is at the heart of all that we do.
v.    We do not discriminate on the basis of Race, Religion, Gender and Sexual Orientation.
vi.    We respect the cultures, customs and values of the people in communities in which we operate.
vii.    We operate under the understanding that every person we encounter is entitled to the fundamental human rights.

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