St. Patrick’s Rangers works with communities to reduce disaster risks by helping them to build their disaster management capacities. Thorough our Youth Emergency Action Committees (YEACs) we fill an urgent community need, and do it well in nine vulnerable communities. Our core group of 150 youth volunteers help to ensure that their communities are better prepared to respond to disasters and are becoming more disaster resilient.  We are working with state, local and international partners to prove that young people can play a key role in reducing disaster risks.

Our Programs

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Emergency Response and Preparedness

We work with our national, local and international partners to develop Community Disaster Risk Management Plans and Vulnerability Capacity Assessments for the communities in which we work. Our community-based approach is providing the framework for greater engagement of communities and making our communities more resilient to disasters.  Read more

SPR also operates within the national DRRM framework and works along with the Parish Disaster Management Committee and Community Disaster Management Committees in the response and preparedness efforts. 

Public Education and Advocacy

Our public education program focuses on raising awareness among residents in high risk areas about disaster prevention and preparation. The Rangers create edutainment pieces to inform residents about the risks and how they can help to prevent disasters or prepare for disasters.  We also conduct disaster preparedness exercises including drills, and presentations to local community groups like schools, churches, youth clubs and other CBOs to minimize the risks of loss of life due to floods, earthquakes and other disaster related events.

St. Patrick's Rangers - CRS disaster risk reduction project in Jamaica

Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC)

SPR is partnering with Catholic Relief Services to implement the SILC project, a CRS initiative, in its project communities.  SILC provides a means for youth to find a safe place to save as well as resources with which to invest in business opportunities. The members decide on their own how to run their groups. Participants are taught basic financial management and financial literacy skills which are critical skills that are needed as they transition into adulthood. SILC enables youths to access reliable financial services within their community and to support community self-reliance and resilience. 

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